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Special Recognition

From pantheon...

At the 2021 World Quiz Awards we launched the Quiz Pantheon.

This is not a Hall of Fame with membership determined by a vote. We knew that that would lead to some people never being recognised, and the domination of English speaking quizzing.

We seek nominations from quizzers all over the world and at the World Quiz Awards, induct a new selection into the Pantheon.

These are people and organisations who we believe have made a major contribution to where quiz is now, or are currently making a major contribution.

As quizzing evolves, we should not forget them. Special Recognition

In 2022 we introduced the Special Recognition award, which has replaced the Pantheon. All Pantheon inductees are accorded special recognition status.

Special Recognition Inductees


  • British Quiz Association

  • International Quiz Association

  • Merseyside Quiz Leagues

  • Mimir's Well

  • Online Quiz League​

  • UK Quizbowl

  • Wikiquiz


  • Vadym Bondar

  • Movin Miranda


  • Kevin Ashman

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