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Get Involved In Competitive Quizzing

If you want to pit yourself against the very best quizzers in the world, competitive quizzing is where you want to be. ​ Any definition is arbitrary, but All Things Quiz considers the following to be competitive quizzing: - Any competition organised under the auspices of the International Quizzing Association or recognised national associations - Formal quiz leagues and cup competitions, whether physical or online - One day tournaments with formal competition rules ​ A hallmark of competitive quizzing is that the questions will often require both broader and deeper knowledge than more casual quizzes such as pub quizzes.

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National Associations

Find out what is organised by your country's governing body


Find out what online quizzing opportunities exist.

Face-to-face Quizzing

Find out about face to face quiz leagues and events

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These are some of the most popular current formats of competitive quizzing.



Individual written quizzes are  the long form of the game, and played in exam conditions against the clock. Examples include the World Quizzing Championships and Squizzed.



A four player individual match format, where all players receive questions on the same topics over the course of the match. Examples include Mimir's Well and Pop Culture Challenge


Quiz League

Can be played in person or online. Usually played between teams of 4 players. Examples include Online Quiz League, Quiz Nations and Quiz League of London.



Two teams race to answer a 'toss up' or 'starter' question. If correct, the team gets to answer bonus questions. Examples include Quizbowl and University Challenge

Events calendar

Check out the events calendar for upcoming events. 

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