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When Covid locked the world down in 2020, quizzing exploded online. It was an exciting time in the quiz world, and what was most exciting was the influx of new players, the creation of new competitions and the sheer enthusiasm of all involved. ​We quizzed too of course, but we also saw a gap. There was no-one reporting on the quiz world and its successes, its personalities, and its innovations. Players crossed boundaries, between different competitions and different timezones. So we set up ATQ to help the community keep track of everything. From the outset we have been independent of any competition or vested interest. All Things Quiz is run on a not-for-profit basis (aka at a loss) alongside full time jobs.  ​We believe that quizzing is for everyone, no matter where you are or who you are. Whether you want to watch or play. Whether you are an expert or beginner. We hope that you will enjoy All Things Quiz, and if you see us at an event please say hi!

Valerie Thornhill

Gareth Kingston

Co-founder of ATQ. Producer of our videos, question writer and verifier, and the brains behind 'What is the Question?', 'Lunchtime Quiz Time' and our weekly votes.

Co-founder of ATQ. Quizzer with team and individual titles under his belt. Question writer, presenter, editor and director of our videos

About All Things Quiz

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